Our Favorite Twitter Reponses to Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart leaving ‘The Daily Show’ was going to be tough whenever it happened, but losing him around the same time as Colbert and Letterman really shakes up the late night TV hierarchy. Colbert will be taking over for Letterman, but it won’t be the Colbert we all love and remember. Naturally when something like this happens, we turn to Twitter for the most thought out and rational responses. Take it away, tweeters.

This is actually beautiful. Well said, Solitary Refinement (if that’s your real name).

Shhh Eric, BuzzFeed can hear you. It hears everything at all times.

We feel your pain, Karl. But have no fear, he’ll be back someday.

Whoever had 50-1 odds on the Jamie Lee Curtis movie reference/Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show just won a shitload of money.

I mean, why not?

Oh god. Please no. Don’t leave us Jon!

– Ryan

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