Spider-Man, Finally, Joins The Marvel Universe & The State of the Superhero Genre


At long last Spider-Man will finally join the rest of the Marvel superheroes! Late last night Sony Pictures (owner of Spider-Man and Toby Maguire’s Soul) and Marvel Studios made a deal that will allow the web crawling fan favorite to join his fellow superheroes in the Marvel universe. Big news right? No…..HUGE NEWS. This will finally allows one of the most unique heroes to join up with The Avengers where he belongs.

Now on to some obvious questions about Spidey’s future. First and most prevalent being: Who will play the web-swinging mercenary? If I had to go with a knee jerk answer here I’d say keep Garfield as he has been a pleasant surprise as Peter Parker. If I am going to go out on a limb and try to guess who could play him i’d say maybe Ty Sheridan or another up-and-comer like that. Lets keep in mind that Spidey isn’t a large frame, so guys like Channing Tatum are out of luck for this casting call.

Next question: What does this do for the current Spider-Man franchise? Does it stop? The short answer, I would say, is no. It seems like the Sinister Six movie has been pushed back and not canceled so I am feeling like Andrew Garfield might still have a while left playing Peter Parker, which also supports him as my pick for the Marvel movie Spider-Man. You can’t have two different Spider-Men running around and shit. That isn’t right.

Lastly, i’m a big picture kind of guy, so after hearing of this news the first thing that came to mind was the other characters in the Sony Spider-Man universe to join him……..Carnage? VENOM?!

A man can dream, and dream I will.


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