It Turns Out Seth Rollins Could Be In A Little Bit Of Trouble With Those Nude Photos That Got Leaked

SethAs Ryan Clark reported late last night on the site, Seth Rollins’ Instagram account appeared to have been hacked, as a nude photo of WWE NXT Diva Zahara Schreiber was posted to the account.

The photo has since been removed, however Seth Rollins’ fiance Leighla Schultz retaliated for the posted photo by posting a photo of Seth Rollins completely naked on her Twitter account. When fans questioned the legitimacy of the Tweet, Schultz clarified that she indeed sent out the photos. 

In an update, for those who don’t remember, in 2013, WWE put in their contracts that if a talent has inappropriate photos or videos that can be found online or in print, they will not be signed.

If a talent signs a deal with WWE and knows that such material exists and then WWE finds out about it, WWE will fire or not hire the talent then will be blacklisted from the company.

I hope this is just a bullshit dirt sheet story, because Seth Rollins is far too talented to be brought down by a jealous fiance and a stupid hacker. If WWE chooses to go the “fine print in the contract route”, Rollins does have a little bit of leeway. The photo that got tweeted out from his account was obviously something that Zahra sent to him, and then he got hacked and the photo went public. As far as the picture his fiance sent out, I don’t see how WWE can penalize him for that. As far as the WWE knows, even if Rollins knew the pictures existed, he couldn’t have known they’d be used against him like this. It’s a tough situation, and if this was a mid card or low level NXT guy, he’d probably be let go, but I can’t see WWE letting go of Seth Rollins over something so trivial. As far as Zahra Schreiber, we’ll probably never see her again.

– Ryan

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