BYU Signs a 6’7″ 410lb. Gargantuan to Play Football

B9AuVwjIEAMVjCA Sounds like a smart move right? I mean BYU must have been scouting this kid and looking at all his football footage to make sure he was a good fit, right? ….wait…you’re saying the only footage of him play football is this clip below? Well it must be amazing,ROLL IT! (Press play, please) Ok, the kid, his name is Motekiai Langi, is huge, i’ll give you that. But that play isn’t much to go on.  First, this kid he “tackled” was tiny. A stiff breeze could have knocked him over. Not vert impressive, but what I did find impressive is how light on his feet he was. This could be something, or it could be a huge bust, I can’t tell because THIS IS THE ONLY FILM OF HIM PLAYING FOOTBALL THEY HAVE. If this is what it takes to get a scholarship to play ball at a D-1 School I got something for ya. If that video get Motekiai a deal at BYU then does this get me a full ride at Ohio State?**** -Matt ****DISCLAIMER: Since this video I have gotten severely out of shape.

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