SNL & Broad City Writer Chris Kelly Is Schooling Homophobes & Idiots On Twitter Right Now

Chris Kelly is a writer for SNL and Broad City, which automatically catapults him up to the very top of my list of favorite people on this Earth. His twitter could literally just be him tweeting out pictures of sand and I’d love it because he’s a writer for two of my favorite shows and sometimes that’s enough. Instead of tweeting pictures of sand, Chris took it upon himself to teach a grammar lesson or two to the truly moronic section of twitter that finds it necessary to tweet the word ‘faggot’ out to the world. I don’t like being one to assume things but if you’re using that word in the year 2015 you are not only a piece of shit, but you are also probably an idiot. Case in point: it seems like a lot of people tweeting about ‘faggots’ don’t even know how to spell the word correctly. Hey Universe: if you’re going to spew your ignorance out on social media, at least use spell check. Chris Kelly for the win!

– Ryan

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