McDonald’s Super Bowl 49 Commercial Is Introducing a ‘Pay With Lovin’ Campaign That Starts February 2nd

A few thoughts:

  1. Risky move by that first cashier telling a complete stranger to call his mother and tell him he loves her. Uh, what if his mother’s dead? Or what if he hates his mother? If I was that stranger I’d flip out and start crying so all the workers would feel terrible and awkward.
  2. How are you going to end a ‘Pay With Lovin’ campaign on Valentines Day? V-Day is  the one day out of the year that signifies love. I’m pretty sure Valentine means love in Latin or some language. Poor timing on McDonald’s part.
  3. What McDonald’s was this filmed at? I was just at the McDonald’s in NYC near the mega bus stop and the workers were not as friendly. And when I say not as friendly, they couldn’t have been more disinterested if they tried. I want to go to the McDonald’s in this commercial where everyone is happy and hugging each other.

All in all, a pretty cool move by McDonald’s. Hopefully it works out, because those $4.5 million thirty second Super Bowl commercials are a tad expensive.

– Ryan

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