Mick Foley Got Ejected From A Chicken Wing Eating Competition For Stuffing Uneaten Wings In His Fanny Pack

FOLEYProfessional wrestling star Mick Foley has been ejected from Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl eating contest after stuffing uneaten chicken wings into a fanny pack in an attempt to increase his total.

People following Friday’s event on social media dubbed Foley’s antics “inflate gate,” a play on the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots’ deflated football controversy.

Mick Foley is a legend. He’s been thrown off cells, thrown through cells, lit on fire, fallen on thumb tacks, had his skin shredded with barbed wire and written multiple best selling books. Am I surprised Mick Foley wore a fanny pack to a wing eating competition? No. Am I surprised he stuffed uneaten chicken wings into his fanny pack in an attempt to win the competition? No. Mick Foley plays by his own roles. That’s what a lifetime of kicking ass gets you: a do whatever the hell you want badge where you can do whatever the hell you want wherever you want. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy may not be able to eat the most chicken wings, but I guarantee he was the most person insane person at that competition.

– Ryan

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