Jimmy Kimmel Finally Got To The Bottom Of Deflate Gate With ‘I Am The Locker Room Guy’

Deflate gate has been a weird controversy. I’m not talking about the controversy itself. I’m talking about the media spoofs of the controversy. Usually when something like this happens late night TV shows and SNL would be on top of it with funny parody videos, but up until today that really hasn’t been the case. SNL did their spoof, and it was ok but I wanted something that was going to knock it out of the park. Why is it that almost two weeks we finally get a solid parody video from Jimmy Kimmel about deflate gate? Anyway, this video was worth the wait. It starts off innocently enough with a few of Kimmel writers taking credit for Deflate Gate, but then it gets full scale insane with some awesome celebrity cameos. ‘My name is Ryan Salty Flanagan I’m from Roslindale Massachusetts if you don’t believe me go fuck yourself’.

– Ryan

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