If Nick Offerman & His Mustache Want Me To Watch NASCAR Then I’m Going To Watch NASCAR

The more I see Nick Offerman outside of Parks & Rec the more I think that Ron Swanson is not a character. I’m pretty sure that Nick Offerman just shows up on set and they call him by a different name. Monsieur Offerman is now the face of NASCAR on NBC Sports, and as the title of this post suggests, if he and his beautiful mustache want me to start watching NASCAR then I am all sorts of in. My friends have already talked about this summer being the ‘Summer of NASCAR’ (my words not theirs) and I used to go watch the races at New Hampshire every year so this commercial just puts it over the top for me. Any sport that challenges you to drink as many beers as you can while seated has my support. In the words of Nick Offerman, ‘Sure everybody in NASCAR gets a trophy, as long as they win the fucking race’. Pure poetry.

– Ryan

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