Steph Curry’s Ridiculous No Look Pass Is The Latest Example Of The Golden State Warriors Steam Rolling The NBA

The Bulls ended up winning this game (thanks to Golden State missing it’s last 13 three pointers, which I can’t imagine is going to happen often with the Splash Brothers) but this pass by Steph Curry is another example of not only his evolution into an unstoppable offense force but of the Warriors as a team being better than anyone else in the NBA. The Bulls win last night snapped the Warriors 20 game win streak, and they are now 36-7 overall on the season. The only team close to their .837 winning percentage are the Atlanta Hawks, who are no doubt having an excellent season, but are definitely helped by the fact that they play in the Eastern Conference (they ARE 12-2 against the West this season, but 25 of their 37 wins have come against the East). I don’t know if the Warriors have what it takes to win multiple 7 game playoff series with their younger roster and first year head coach Steve Kerr, but they will be a lot of fun to watch between now and May or June.

– Ryan


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  1. Curry’s passing ability is overshadowed by his great 3-point shooting

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