Roman Reigns Won Last Night’s Royal Rumble & People Are Not Thrilled About It

The main event of WrestleMania 31, as it stands today, 62 days before the event, is Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. The words ‘card subject to change’ have been associated with professional wrestling since it’s inception, and for the second year in a row fans are hoping that this happens. Before we dive into WrestleMania, I want to talk about the two main events last night, two matches that could’ve have been more opposite if they tried to be.

Firstly, the WWE Championship match will be the match of the year for 2015 unless something amazing happens. Triple Threat/Fatal Four Way matches are sometimes tough because there’s a lot of down time incorporated into the match, but not last night. Lesnar started the match off with a German suplex to Cena and the fight was on from there. Cena was his typical three to four move self, but Lesnar and more importantly Rollins were top notch. Raise your hand if last year you thought Seth Rollins would be the best guy on the roster in 2015? Well he is, and last night he stole the show. His top rope splash and flying elbow on to the table were two of the best spots you’re going to see in a WWE match. He’s been REALLY GOOD for a while now, but anyone who thinks he doesn’t belong in the main event scene, go back and watch that match. While Rollins might have stole the show, Brock Lesnar is just an other worldly kind of performer. My favorite thing about Brock is that his timing is impeccable. He knows when to turn it on and destroy people, and he knows when he needs to sell and make other people look good. He’s also the most physically intimidating wrestler maybe ever, and when he shrugs off a couple moves in a row you believe it, because there is nothing he can’t do. The best thing about this match? The right guy won, and all three of them looked great.

Everything that went right in the WWE Championship match went wrong in the Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns won, which was the most predictable thing ever, and it wasn’t even the worst part of the match. The Miz and R-Truth started off the Rumble, because that’s what a Philadelphia crowd wants to see. Bubba Ray Dudley came back, which was awesome, but he came dressed as an old school Dudley boy, and Devon never showed up. Bray Wyatt FINALLY looked like a star, and this rumored Undertaker match at Mania is the best thing that ever happened to him. He dominated the early stages of the match until Daniel Bryan came in at #10. Bryan held Wyatt at bay for a while before he was unceremoniously eliminated a couple minutes later. After Bryan left the match, the crowd turned for the worst. They booed everyone, mostly Reigns, but the worst part is that guys like Ziggler and Ambrose who should have gotten monster pops barely got anything because the crowd was so pissed. Bryan getting eliminated sucked, but you got over it because there was still some great guys in the match or coming out later. Then the WWE did the single dumbest thing I’ve ever witnessed as a wrestling fan: they had Kane and Big Show eliminate each young up and coming talent like they were taking out the trash. I can honestly say that’s the stupidest moment in WWE history. Ambrose, Wyatt, Ziggler; all eliminated by Kane and the Big Show, in the year 2015. It was so bad that The Rock came out and nobody cared. He helped Reigns beat up Kane, Big Show and eventually Rusev, and as Reigns and The Rock were celebrating in the ring, the crowd erupted in boo’s.

Roman Reigns The Rock GIF Royal Rumble

That the WWE felt the need to bring The Rock in to make sure Reigns was cheered should’ve been a huge warning sign that it’s not his time yet. But Vince McMahon and his gigantic balls and dysfunctional brain decided to go with Reigns anyway, so now for the second year in row, the fans are pissed and your main event for your biggest show sucks. The words “sucks” and “Brock Lesnar main event” should never be used in the same sentence, but after last night’s fiasco, the WWE has buried themselves again. The only silver lining is that the Raw after a pay per view event like this is usually must see, so hopefully WWE starts to plant the seeds of another plan for WrestleMania season. Add Rollins? Add Daniel Bryan? Anything but what they’re doing now will be an improvement.

– Ryan

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  1. I am so happy

  2. I’m not. WWE trying to shove Reigns down out collective throats reminds me of a mother trying to feed her toddler a certain flavour of baby food that she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that that toddler DOES NOT WANT. Wise up WWE. Put the belt on him, great. He still will never be as over as Bryan, Orton, or even Ambrose.

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