‘Leslie & Ron’ Proves Once Again Why Parks & Recreation Is One Of The Greatest Shows On TV


Last nights Parks & Rec was an hour long block, and the story from the first half continued into the second half, but the second half, titled ‘Leslie & Ron’, was one of the best episodes of the entire series. If you’re not caught up on the new season yet, season 7 opens up in 2017, and Ron and Leslie are no longer friends. The main gripe between the two is something called ‘Morningstar’, and we don’t find out what this is until later in this episode. Morningstar is an apartment complex that was built by Ron’s company, and in the process of building the apartments, he knocked down Ann’s old house, which held a special place in Leslie’s heart. The rest of the cast, upset that Ron and Leslie can’t come to a mutual understanding, lock them in the Parks office until they figure out their issues. This is where the episode became great. We’re so accustomed to Parks & Rec being funny, that we forget this is one of the greatest casts of all time, and the relationships they’ve created over the series are what really drives the show. Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler are incredible in this episode, as are all the creative ways Leslie uses to get Ron to talk things out (dripping water on his mustache, covering him in post it notes). My second favorite thing about Parks and Rec is how much attention they pay to small details. In this episode alone, Leslie sings along (without knowing the words) to Jerry/Larry/Terry’s pick for their summer BBQ cd, ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ by Billy Joel. Who is Jerry/Larry/Terry’s wife in the show? Billy Joel’s real life ex wife, Christie Brinkley. At one point Leslie and Ron plead for a janitor to unlock the door for them, but he’s blasting his headphone and can’t hear them. The song he’s listening to, ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ is the same song he was listening to in the episode that Lil’ Sebastian passed away. Later in the episode, Leslie shows Ron the picture of them two with Lil’ Sebastian, and he finally decides to tell Leslie the truth. This scene is one of the more emotional in the whole series. Ron, who up to this point in the episode wouldn’t even admit he and Leslie were friends (he calls them work proximity associates) admits that he left the Parks department and built Morningstar because he missed Leslie and the rest of the gang. At one point, he actually went to ask Leslie for a government job (GASP), asked her out to lunch, only to get stood up because Leslie was so busy. They were all moving on to bigger and better things; everything around Ron was changing, and he didn’t know how to handle the change. An admission on this scale for Ron Swanson was enormous, and it finally cleared the air between he and Leslie. They end the episode drunk, Leslie singing Billy Joel, Ron playing the saxophone, and for a brief moment, order is restored in the Parks & Rec universe. If you enjoy Parks & Rec, or just good television, you owe it to yourself to watch this episode. The only question I had after watching this episode was who was watching Ben and Leslie’s children while all this was going on!?

– Ryan

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