Sting Defied Authority Again & Brock Lesnar Destroyed Everyone In The Most Exciting Raw Segment In A Long Time

I’m not going to lie, this closing segment had me amped up. There was just so much to love here. First off, the announcers, specifically Michael Cole, were all on point here. They were quiet when they needed to be quiet, and they were attributing to the excitement when shit started to go down. The Dallas crowd was HOT for this segment, which has the ability to turn a great segment into a memorable one. Rollins, Big Show, Kane and HHH were all pitch perfect. Their reactions when Sting appeared on the Titantron were priceless, and this is one of the only times I can buy a distraction roll up as a viable finish to the match. Sting debuted at Survivor Series and shocked the entire wrestling world, so of course everyone is going to be distracted when he just APPEARS on the Titantron. Cena, always the super human, won the match and won back the jobs of his friends without ‘overcoming the odds’ and looking like Superman. Sting showed you the value of having a veteran performer. He has yet to say a word in his two appearances on WWE programming yet has had more of an effect on the storylines than anyone else on the roster. He conveys more in a stare and a point than most guys can convey in a 10 minute promo. He screws over The Authority again, and further sets up a Sting/HHH match down the line, hopefully at WrestleMania. And then there’s that beautiful beast of a man, Brock Lesnar. At the beginning of Raw, Paul Heyman warned The Authority that if they didn’t handle the world title match situation and get it back to a one on one match at the Rumble, then Brock would handle it himself, and there would be bodies scattered around the ring. There’s something to be said about a wrestler who keeps his word, and once Sting cost The Authority the match, it was inevitable Lesnar would make an appearance and beat the hell out of everyone in his way. Lesnar’s music hits, he marches towards the ring, flips his title belt to Heyman and the fight is on. A spear tackle to Rollins, F5 to Kane and an incredible, ring shaking F5 to Big Show and just like that Brock is the only guy left standing and the champ looks dominant going into one of your most important pay per views. Sometimes, wrestling is awesome.

– Ryan

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