J.K. Simmons & D’Angelo Will Host and Musical Guest On The January 31st Episode of SNL

3 SNL episodes in a row! Kevin Hart dominated last week, Blake Shelton hosts and sings this week and now J.K. Simmons and D’Angelo are joining in on the fun. I went back and looked up odd host and musical guests pairing, because when I think of J.K. Simmons the singer D’Angelo doesn’t immediately come to mind. It turns out this is actually one of the more normal pairs compared to other odd pairings, such as Al Gore and Phish & Tom Arnold and Tupac. Simmons has been a solid actor for a few decades now, and is finally getting his due with his performance in Whiplash, which has already earned him a Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination. D’Angelo’s new CD received rave reviews, but I’ll always remember him as the man who was a little too naked in his music video.

– Ryan

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