The Great Khali Might Be Opening A Wrestling School For Some Odd Reason

KhaliInternational wrestler and former WWE champion, ‘The Great Khali’ has hinted at promoting the WWE style of wrestling in India.

A close associate of the wrestler said the Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat asked him to hold a wrestling show at Dehradun for promoting the national games 2018.

Khali, who hails from this district, held a joint press conference with Rawat Monday evening. International shooter Jaispal rana also accompanied the duo.

Interacting with Hindustan Times, Khali said his wrestling academy would be functional at Jalandhar in Punjab soon in which a group of wrestlers would be prepared. He said trained wrestlers of India and even foreign countries may be a part of the first show.

Khali added that a WWE coach was arriving in India to impart training to probable wrestlers. “Other state governments should also introduce a sports policy like Uttarakhand” he added. 

“I am in the field of wrestling for the past 14 years…now I want to do something for those who wanted to make their career in wrestling. It is very unfortunate that youth of the country is involved in drug addiction,” the famed wrestler added. 


On the one hand, good for Khali trying to help the youths in India get off drugs. On the other hand, I don’t know if The Great Khali is the guy I’d go to if I were trying to become a professional wrestler. The man’s finisher was a brain chop, and if he wasn’t almost 8 feet tall I highly doubt he would have been famous at all. The good thing is he’s preparing for a show in 2018, so even someone with the wrestling ability of Khali could probably get someone ready for a show in 3 years.

– Ryan


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