The Avengers Are Fighting Robots Now In The New ‘Age Of Ultron’ Trailer

I’m sure this movie will be good, but I’m all superhero’d out at this point. It was fine when each superhero had their own movie, but is it really necessary to not only make an Iron Man, Thor & Captain America movie AND a bunch of Avenger movies? Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks great, but if you spend a couple hundred million dollars on a movie and the trailer doesn’t look great you should probably stop making movies. I’m sure the heroes will be pushed to the brink of death before valiantly saving the day while the entire world is ruined, but I think it’s time we take a break and start making some original screenplays. The more movies with hundred million dollar budgets the worse Hollywood has become. Putting all that aside, I can’t wait to see Mark Ruffalo kick some robot ass.

– Ryan

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