‘RIP Pau Gasol’ Was Trending On Twitter Last Night After Poor Pau Gasol Got Dunked On

The internet can be a cruel beast sometimes, and no one knows the wrath of instant streaming video more than Pau Gasol. Poor Pau thought this was going to be just another night in the NBA, but then Nikola Vucevic comes rumbling down the lane and dunks all over Pau’s greasy head. To make matters worse, Pau just falls to the ground after the dunk. At least stand your ground, man. Naturally Twitter started a ‘RIP Pau Gasol’ gag that ended up trending nationwide pretty quickly. In 2015, it’s probably a better idea to just get out of the way and let the guy dunk, because if you try to block and get dunked on, people are going to think you passed away.

– Ryan

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