Fresh Off His Golden Globe Win, Kevin Spacey Is Back As President Frank Underwood In The New ‘House of Cards’ Teaser

A lot of shows have utilized the filming style of having their actors look directly into the camera, but no one makes me more uncomfortable than Kevin Spacey when we lock eyes. The new teaser trailer for ‘House of Cards’ season 3 starts with Spacey, playing President Frank Underwood, slowly looking up into the camera from behind his desk, and from the moment his eyes zero in on the camera, you’re hooked. Few shows rely on the acting of their stars as much as ‘House of Cards’, but Spacey and Robin Wright knock every single scene out of the park. While the storylines may be a bit nutty from time to time, the acting is always top notch, and the suspense and freedom that Netflix allows its shows to have is riveting. If you haven’t already, clear you schedules for Friday, February 27th. Binge watching will be in full effect.

– Ryan

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