49ers Offensive Tackle Jonathan Martin Stopped A Shoplifter Yesterday, Marking The First Time All Season He Stopped Someone Trying To Get By Him

FoozeballFor San Francisco 49ers tackle Jonathan Martin, his job requires him to protect his quarterback. Turns out he protects and serves in real life as well, even when at a mall.

On Thursday around 4:15 p.m., Martin and a friend from college were out shopping at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles when he said he noticed a shoplifting in progress at the Versace Collection store just a few yards away.

Martin said one person had taken three purses and was running out of the store. Martin, whose name might sound familiar since he was in the center of the Miami Dolphins‘ bullying controversy in 2013, saw another person in the process of snatching items and he sprung into action.

Martin told Shutdown Corner that he ran across the corridor into the store and helped the security guard in corralling the second alleged shoplifter, who was a man larger than the security guard. Martin said he punched the person “five to eight times” until he went down. He wanted to do just enough to get the man to stop fighting so that he could be subdued by security.


That was my face when I read this story. All season Jonathan Martin looked like an overmatched child, but once the offseason hits he’s not only a superior offensive linemen he’s also a god damn vigilante. Where was this quickness and toughness all season when Kaepernick was getting thrown around like a rag doll? If I’m the new 49ers head coach I’m paying top dollar for the footage of this incident and showing it every day in training camp while simultaneously yelling at Jonathan Martin “THIS! This is what we need you to do!”. This thief is lucky that Jonathan Martin was the one who stopped him and that Harbaugh is no longer in the California area. He would’ve knocked this guy out then challenged his lifeless body to a pushup competition.

– Ryan


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