Los Angeles Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Is A Dancing Viking King From Another Planet

Before I say anything about Steve’s dance moves, I think it’s important to note that he’s a billionaire and he owns the team. If he wants to run around dancing in a speedo with nipple tassels he can do it. People will not be happy about it, but he can do it. Now, this dance move. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know who told him about it or where he learned it, but between the aggressive pointing and the startling yelling this is a worrisome dance. Has Steve Ballmer ever seen Hitch?

Keep the elbows in, short strides back and forth. That’s where you live. Once you start pointing and screaming all hell breaks loose. Also, Nobody dances like that to Fergie. She’s not the Rolling Stones in the 70s. She’s singing about smoking weed and laying in the sun. Act like you’ve been here before, Steve.

– Ryan

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