Insane Instagram Comments: Renee Young, Welcome Aboard The Crazy Train


Nothing like a subtle penis joke to end 2014 on a high note. _losing_control seems like an appropriate name for this guy, because he’s clearly losing control of his own mind. Look, I like a solid penis joke as much as the next guy, but I think subtlety is the key here. Also, once you cross the penis threshold and land in boner territory, all bets are off. Nobody on the internet needs to know that staring at Renee Young’s kneecap and boot gives _losing_control a boner. No one on Earth needs to know that. I’m just glad we got to feature one of my favorite people on Instagram before 2014 came to a close. Renee Young, welcome to the party.

– Ryan

P.S. Honorable mention to cwilkins91210 for playing the “also she’s pretty” card. You dog, you.

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