Daniel Bryan Returned To Raw Last Night To Announce He’ll Be Entering The 2015 Royal Rumble

What an emotional roller coaster last night was. First, Bryan tweeted that he had come to a crossroads and was going to make an announcement on Raw. Naturally people jumped to the ‘he’s going to retire’ conclusion, since he’s been out for months and no one really knows what’s wrong with him. Then WWE opened Raw with Edge’s retirement speech, signifying maybe someone else was going to make a similar speech and leave us way, way too early. When Bryan came out for the next to last segment, I had some hope that he wouldn’t be announcing his retirement. When the time comes for him to truly hang up his wrestling boots, I hope WWE gives him the final segment, as he’s earned it. Bryan’s promo was from the heart, and he seemed to legitimately tear up talking about the passing of his father, but all our worries melted away when Bryan finished his promo by announcing that he would be entering the 2015 Royal Rumble. To say this is huge news would be understatement. Bryan’s rise to the top of the WWE food chain was a true grass roots movement created by the performer and his fans, and when he was on his game, WWE was always must see TV. I think some people might be worried about Bryan returning, since we still don’t really know how well is recovering, but WWE has been extremely patient with Bryan up to this point, and there’s no reason to think they’d rush him back if he wasn’t ready. The Royal Rumble is already one of the most exciting nights of the WWE year, but with Daniel Bryan now officially returning as an entrant, it just got so much better. YES!

– Ryan

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