The 49ers & Jim Harbaugh Have Officially Parted Ways, And I’m Officially Living In A Glass Case Of Emotion

This one hurts. Jim Harbaugh, the human shooting star, is leaving 49er nation just as crazily as he entered it. Here are the facts: the 49ers were not a good football team when Jim Harbaugh took over in 2011. From 2003 (the year after they lost in the divisional round) to 2010, the 49ers won 46 games under 4 different head coaches and didn’t make the playoffs a single season. Under Harbaugh, from 2011 through this season, the 49ers won 49 games while playing in three consecutive conference championship games, including one Super Bowl. If wins aren’t that important to you, then just look at how the culture of the 49ers has changed: they went from a bad team in a terrible division to a tough, gritty, stud team in arguably the best division in football. Any way you slice it, Jim Harbaugh came in and single handedly turned the 49ers franchise around. It was clear the front office was pushing Harbaugh out the door, especially since this was the vibe in the locker room after the 49ers win yesterday:

Sure doesn’t sound like a team that has turned on it’s head coach. You can say what you want about Harbaugh being too animated, or about how his personality offends people, but that’s all bullshit. Give me a guy who gets the most out of his players and who WINS, and I’ll take him every day of the week. Now Harbaugh is off to Michigan, and the 49ers are searching for their new head coach. Whoever they end up with will most definitely be a step down from Harbaugh. Hit the music.

– Ryan

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