Remember The High School Student Who Made $72 Million In The Stock Market? Yeah The Money Isn’t Real

LIARHe’s gone from bull market to just plain bull.

The 17-year-old high school student who was trumpeted as a mini “Wolf of Wall Street” has revealed his larger-than-life story to be nothing more than that.

Mohammed Islam, a senior at Stuyvesant High School, told the New York Observer Monday that his reported $72 million fortune from the stock market is based on simulated trades. Not actual money.

“[I led her to believe] I had made even more than $72 million on the simulated trades,” he said of his initial interview with a New York magazine reporter who in a glowing profile described him as “basically a genius” who plans to start his own hedge fund as soon as he turns 18.

“It was hyped up beyond belief,” he told the Observer while in the company of a friend, his newly hired public relations firm and an attorney.


Well, well, well. How the turned tables…So I’m not sure who is more to blame here. On the one hand, this kid obviously lied to the reporter. I read the original article in New York Magazine, and he even had a feature done on him in Business Insider. This wasn’t the case of a reporter misquoting somebody and making up that this kid was a genius multi millionaire. On the other hand, maybe do some research? You write for New York Magazine. You can’t just take this kid at his word that he’s worth $72 million. Apparently his parents disowned him and kicked him out of the house for lying about his net worth, which means the reporter didn’t bother to interview his parents at all. If she did, then they would’ve told her “all of this is bullshit” and we wouldn’t be here today. Another red flag? This beautiful profile picture:


You can’t trust anybody who takes such a beautiful picture. You just can’t. The snow is falling perfectly and just sitting on his hair. The lesson here is this: the next time a 17 year old tells you he’s made $72 million in the stock market, don’t believe him, and definitely don’t write an article about him.

– Ryan

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