NASA Interns Parody Meghan Trainor – All About That Space

Here is a parody video, and song, like only NASA interns could do. Not the most clever lyrics, the dancing has room for improvement, and the lip synching is just slightly off (a lot off), but I can’t knock the hustle. These guys and gals went out there and let it all hang loose in from of everyone at NASA, and now the world. If I said I wouldn’t cut off one or more of my fingers to work at NASA I would be lying directly to your face. Probably the best job on earth, besides being WWE Champion, but it doesn’t look like I’m getting a shot at the title anytime soon…and for good reason. You go, NASA interns! And when you are big shots at NASA remember the guy (ME) who applies to the astronaut program every week. I don’t see why I need all those qualifications and flight school pre requisites anyway….I digress. Just keep me in mind coming hiring season and I won’t let you down come the pot luck holiday party. You HAVE to try my chili. There’s a secret ingredient…i’ll give you a hint…it’s cinnamon.


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