Jon Lester Is Officially A Chicago Cub

JLThe Chicago Cubs have won the Jon Lester sweepstakes, with the free-agent left-hander agreeing to sign with the team late Tuesday night.

The deal is for six years and $155 million, a source confirmed to’s Jesse Rogers. It includes a signing bonus of at least $20 million and a vesting option for a seventh year that could bring Lester’s total take to $170 million, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Theo got his guy, and the Chicago Cubs just got a class act, a great pitcher and one hell of a model American. When I saw the report last night that Lester had narrowed it down to the Cubs and the Sox, I knew it was over. If you’re Jon Lester, would you rather go to the guy who helped signed you to the Red Sox and developed you as a player and a person, or to the guys who just offered you almost $100 million less than you’re going to make now? Easy decision, and if I was Jon Lester, I would’ve done the same thing. Would I have been ecstatic if the Sox signed Lester to the same deal? Absolutely, but only time will tell if it’s too much money or too many years. Lester turns 31 in January, which means he’ll be 37 when the deal is done. He clearly shows no signs of slowing down, but that could change in a few years. I wish him all the best, though, and this is easily the least heartbroken I’ve been over a Red Sox player signing elsewhere, mostly because we did this to ourselves. Lester is a certified ace, and the $70 million offer last year was a joke. Now it’s time to find some pitching on the open market and get back to work on reclaiming the AL East.

– Ryan

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