Trailer Alert – San Andreas #WhereWillYouBe

Want to know where I would be? Far the fuck away from there, that’s where. Nothing on this earth scares me more than the ongoing threat of an earthquake. That shit is scary. I know there are places that are said to be more vulnerable than others when it comes to earthquakes, but I don’t believe that shit for a minute. I live in Rhode Island, all thew way on the east coast, where we have never had a serious earthquake, and i’m still scared. Don’t mess wit the earth, that’s what I always say……but I digress, this movie looks good, kind of like “2012” but sub rising seas for an earthquake and sub John Cusack for The Rock. If someone found out the ending and spoiled it to me, and the resolution of the story ended up being that The Rock single handedly put the earth back together I would believe it. He’s that much of a monster. The most unrealistic part of all of this is that The Rock didn’t stop the earthquake in its path by screaming at it….I should be a movie writer.


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