‘The League’ Has Been Renewed For It’s 7th & Final Season

FootballIt is a case of good news-bad news for fans of long-running FX/FXX series The League. The good news: The comedy about the members of a fictional fantasy football league has been renewed for a 13-episode seventh season. The bad: It will be the show’s last.

The League, which just completed its sixth season, was created by the husband-and-wife team of Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer, who serve as executive producers and directors for FX Productions.

“Whatever, I’ve won it twice,” said Jackie Schaffer. “Most players in the NFL don’t make it seven seasons, and most TV shows even less so. We want to thank FX Networks and all our Eskimo brothers and sisters. NFL teams would be lucky to have fans as diehard as ours.”

Added Jeff Schaffer, “Spoiler alert: We already know how it will all end — with credits and the theme song.”

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The bad news kind of outweighs the good news here. I’m ecstatic ‘The League’ is coming back, but I’m not ecstatic that this is the end. ‘The League’ is one of the most original shows on TV, and one of the only shows to really never have bad episode. Some episodes were funnier than others, but the cast was so strong, and guest stars so funny, that it was impossible for them to have an episode that didn’t work. The show finishes with it’s usual 13 episode season next year, but we’ll always have Netflix and our memories for when it’s over.

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