French Toast Crunch Is Back! Let’s Rank Some Cereals

FTCGeneral Mills is bringing back a “crunch” iteration people have been clamoring for: French Toast Crunch — according to a company press release. It originally appeared on shelves in 1995 and was pulled in 2006.

The company says it is doing this because customers have been begging for it. And certainly, many have been. But there’s a larger story to tell here — the decline of cereal sales.

As the AP reports, cereal sales have been having a rough go of it lately, with Greek yogurt and breakfast sandwiches gaining more favor with consumers. General Mills actually cut its sales and profit outlook for the year recently. The AP says the company blamed it on persistent sales weakness in the food industry.


What a bittersweet story. The sweet part is obviously the fact that French Toast Crunch will be back on shelves in January. It’s sweet for a few reasons: figuratively because it’s a delicious cereal that people have wanted back since it got discontinued. It’s also literally sweet because it’s a cereal make with sugar and syrup. The bitter part is that cereal sales are doing this poorly. If I’m being honest with everyone, I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Greek yogurt is more important and popular than cereal. That just makes me sad. Even without the return of French Toast Crunch, there are a ton of cereals out there that could tickle your fancy. Next time you’re thinking about buying Greek yogurt, remember this article, and remember that cereal needs you more than you need it. Here are my top 5 cereals:

5. Cap’n Crunch – would be much higher if it didn’t destroy my mouth.

4. Oreo O’s – the deliciousness of Oreos drenched in a bowl of milk. What’s not to love?

3. Lucky Charms – sometimes the most obvious choices are the best ones.

2. Frosted Mini Wheat’s – FTW

1. Cookie Crisp – The GOAT

– Ryan

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