WWE’s Offical Response to CM Punk Joining The UFC Was Classic, Stubborn Vince McMahon

If somehow you haven’t heard, former WWE Superstar CM Punk joined the UFC over the weekend. Here is the tweet UFC sent out regarding Punk:

Everyone from Jim Ross to Rey Mysterio to current UFC fighters weighed in on the news, and as is the case with pretty much every major news story, the opinions varied. Some were happy, some were confused, some want to fight CM Punk right now. No response was more passive aggressive or noteworthy than the WWE’s:


It was clear from both CM Punk and Vince’s podcast interviews that the two are at odds, so this should not be surprising at all. They tweaked their usual “best of luck in your future endeavors” motto that they put whenever a talent is released, and it’s classic Vince: just enough to acknowledge, but brief enough so people know you don’t give a shit. I’m sure CM Punk could care less what WWE thinks nowadays, but this was one last knock that was too sweet for Vince to pass up on.

– Ryan


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