Kevin Owens is Coming To NXT Next Week, & He May Have The Best Character Motivation of Anyone In Wrestling

So many wrestlers debut the same way: video packages hype their debut, they get entered into a storyline and then take off from there. There usually isn’t any history: their debut in the WWE is a clean slate and a fresh start, and most of the feuds they start are strictly storyline related. Kevin Owens is different. The vignette that aired last night was one of the best debut vignettes WWE has ever done for one reason: history. Kevin Owens, formerly Kevin Steen, has seen all of his foes reach the promised land, while he was stuck clawing and fighting, doing anything he could to inch his way closer to the top. There is such a real, human element to his character and he hasn’t even debuted yet. He did fight Seth Rollins, and now Rollins is in the WWE. He did fight Daniel Bryan, and he’s in the WWE. Same goes for Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville, who are on the cusp of the main roster, and have already cemented themselves as future stars in NXT. This is Kevin Owen’s chance to prove that he shouldn’t have been passed over for so long. He debuts next week at NXT Takeover: R Evolution, and it remains to be seen who he feuds with first. Going solely by these vignettes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lays waste to everyone and everything in his path. The Kevin Owens era has begun.

– Ryan

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