Insane Instagram Comments: Amanda Cerny, You Did This To Yourself


Rule number one of posting on Instagram: don’t leave ball in the commenters court. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing this Insane Instagram posts, it’s that people who comment on strangers Instagram’s are indeed insane. Example #1 million: _unidentifiedshooter. Kind of an odd Instagram name, but weirdly enough, that’s not the craziest part of this post. In _unidentifiedshooter’s defense, he was definitely set up here. Amanda Cerny has to know better than this. You can’t throw a “Thinking about… #fillintheblank” post out there and not expect some insane results. Saggy balls is kind of on the tame side when you think about all the crazy shit commenters put out there. It’s also tame compared to the comment below it. I’m not a world scholar but I highly doubt “ab ghaand” is a phrase in any language on this planet. Don’t change, Instagram commenters. I also really hope Amanda responds to _unidentifiedshooter later today and confirms that she was indeed thinking of saggy balls.

– Ryan

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