Insane Instagram Comments: Miss Jessica Ash [DOUBLE FEATURE]

Jessica Ashely, Playboy model and instagram vixen, isn’t new to our “Insane Instagram Comments” posts. In fact, she has been the target of insanity more times than I, or I’m sure she, would like to count. Here we go


Nice picture of her on a beach….this won’t end well.


Ok, Vicraleigh, please explain yourself. I understand that “Wet my beak” is a saying used kind of often, but that’s not what I’m calling out, although he literally could have used any other saying and it would have been better. What I’m most confused by is the use of the arm flex emoji. Is that really the best you could have come up with? Do better.



In other news, I think I may have found my new calendar.


Facebook_mandysing where on earth would someone enter in a “teeth competition”? Something tells me they don’t exist, but I have been wrong before. She has nice teeth, I’ll give you that, but “teeth competition” sounds like something completely different than a beauty contest for pearly whites. I picture it more like American Gladiators, but will more teeth challenges, like way more.


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