Did Someone Say They Wanna See a Guy With One Leg Get Dragged Out Of a Nets Game? Well Here It Is Anyway

Leg UpA loud Brooklyn Nets fan was carried from his MSG seats Tuesday night kicking and screaming… sort of.

There was plenty of commotion in the upper deck with around five minutes to play in the third quarter of Brooklyn’s 98-93 win over the Knicks as a man with one leg was yanked from his seats – sans his prosthetic limb.

According to a pair of Garden security guards who declined to be identified, the man pulled off his prosthetic leg and hit another fan with it, inciting a ruckus in the upper deck.


This makes me so happy, and not for the reasons you think. No I don’t enjoy seeing one legged people getting dragged out of a Nets game by security. But this was a Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks game. The New York sports scene is so horrible right now, that they’re literally fighting each other with prosthetic legs. Whether this story is true or not is irrelevant; a one legged man had to get carried out of an interstate New York basketball game because he was fighting a fellow New York fan. Also, there’s zero rivalry between the Knicks and Nets. Up until a few years ago, the Nets weren’t even in New York. I just love seeing New York sports fans so desperate. The Knicks suck. The Nets suck. The Jets suck. The Giants suck. Hockey couldn’t matter less, so I don’t count the Rangers or the Islanders. The fans have nowhere to turn, except to each other, and when that happens, the prosthetic legs start flying. Oh happy day.

– Ryan

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