In A Shocking Turn of Events, Heartland Brewery’s Slave Joke Does Not Go Over Well With It’s Customers

Brew Ha HaHeartland Brewery is drawing some bad buzz over a slogan that for many invokes slavery.

The boneheaded beerhouse’s Bavarian Black Lager promises customers will become “a slave to the flavor” — sparking a brouhaha among customers who believe the seasonal suds’ saying smacks of racism.

“It’s just wrong,” said one white patron as he stared up at the sign at the brewery chain’s Union Square location.

“It’s actually crazy,” added a 42-year-old man who would only identify himself as Ryan.

“There’s a better way to express what they’re trying to express without eliciting that mindset.”


In what scenario did Heartland Brewery think this would be OK? I really can’t think of any situation where the majority of people would walk by this sign and say “Hey, that’s funny. Well done, Heartland Brewery.” People get offended over A LOT less, so I hope Heartland expected this blowback. The worst part about this, besides the fact that any company would make a slave joke in 2014, is that it’s not even funny. I’ll be a slave to the flavor? What does that mean exactly? Once I drink this beer I just become it’s slave? That makes me never want to drink that beer. How about you go with “it tastes good” or “it’s cheaper than other beers”. Now that  craft beer has taken over the world, every brewery thinks they have to get cute with their slogans and advertising. If you say you drink beer for the taste you are lying to yourself. You drink beer to get drunk. I don’t need a fancy slogan or a octagon shaped bottle that only lets in 4% of sunlight. I need a beer that doesn’t taste like shit and is reasonably priced. Once you start trying to get cute, it’s only a matter of time before a slave joke, or something equally as horrible, get’s thrown in there, because people are ignorant and stupid. Just keep it simple.

– Ryan

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