What Did You Do Today? 62 Year Old Mickey Rourke Won A Boxing Match In Russia

Pretty much the oddest boxing match in history, and it’s bittersweet to me for a few reasons. I love Mickey Rourke, solely because his role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson in ‘The Wrestler’ is one my all time favorite characters in movie history. I love wrestling, and few movies go into the behind the scenes aspect of wrestling and the modern day, mostly sad lives of wrestling legends like ‘The Wrestler’ did. I support anything he does, especially going to Russia and fighting a guy half his age on Black Friday. The bitter part is that Mickey Rourke is 62 years old and looks better than I do at 26. I also watched the YouTube video of his fight while eating an entire container of chicken fingers, which is probably the saddest sentence I’ve ever typed. It’s still cool to see him win, although I have some serious questions about the credibility of his opponent. He might be the worst boxer I’ve ever seen. And just think: while Americans are trying to kill each other over a pair of underwear, Russia is enjoying some good old fashioned boxing. Putin wins again.

– Ryan


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