Sting Defied Authority And Finally Debuted In The WWE At Survivor Series Last Night

After what seemed like forever, the man they call Sting finally made his long awaited debut to the WWE last night, costing The Authority their survivor series elimination match and knocking HHH and Stephanie McMahon out of power. Storylines and wrestling talk aside, this was absolutely awesome. The word ‘icon’ and ‘legend’ gets thrown out a lot in wrestling because it’s not like other sports that rely on stats to determine how great players were. If you wrestled for a reasonable amount of time and won some championships you can declare yourself a legend, and that’s your right. Sting has been in the industry for close to 30 years, and to finally see him debut in the WWE in such a major way was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a WWE ring. The next best thing about this debut is what it sets up. The Authority, at least for the time being, is out of power. No more long winded, 25 minute promos to start Raw. No more Corporate Kane (hopefully). But what will happen to Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Rusev, Mark Henry and the Big Show? Who will be the new Authority? The reason fans are always looking for a new debut or a swerve to end a pay per view is because of all the change it brings. Even if we don’t see Sting again for a few months, his 5 minute introduction to the WWE Universe changed EVERYTHING. I’d be perfectly fine with him staying off WWE TV for awhile until HHH comes back and challenges him to a WrestleMania match. In the meantime, changes are a comin’ in the WWE, and I haven’t been this excited for Raw in a long, long time.

– Ryan

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