A Family in Florida Unknowingly Eating LSD Steaks Is The Least Surprsing Thing I’ve Heard All Day

LSteakDA family left hallucinating after they unwittingly ate LSD-laced beef steaks bought from a Tampa Walmart store is no closer to finding out how and why they were poisoned.

Ronnie Morales, his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Rosado and her two daughters Elyana, 7, and Rayna, 6, were rushed to St Joseph’s Hospital following the terrifying acid trip on March 3.

Police promptly launched an investigation into the incident — which left Morales, 24, unable to walk or breathe properly.

It also saw his two girls feeling dizzy, seeing random colors and shapes in the air, with severely elevated heart rates.

And Morales’ partner Rosado, 31, was taken to St Joseph’s Women’s Hospital suffering similar symptoms — and underwent a C-section and delivered a baby boy.

Despite the incident occurring more than eight months ago, police said they still have no answers as to how the drug found its way into the beef.

This is whatever the opposite of shocking is. If you live in Florida, you have to constantly be on your toes. Whether it’s people stabbing other people over Mac N’ Cheese or your local Wal-Mart selling you LSD laced steaks for the whole family to enjoy, Florida always has something weird in store for you. The only disturbing part about this is that the woman was pregnant, but luckily she was far enough along where they could deliver the baby. It just goes to show you though, just when you think you’re safe and sound in Florida, Wal-Mart starts selling LSD steaks and your whole life gets turned upside down.

– Ryan

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