The Bird Takeover Has Begun: Seattle Seahawk’s Hawk Mascot Tries to Maul Fan

So maybe the hawk didn’t try to maul the fan, but this is how it starts: the hawk “accidentally” missed it’s handler and headed straight for the crowd. The most disturbing thing about this whole situation is that I underestimated how smart these birds really are. Instead of attacking the fan in the crowd, it just kind of messed around with him. Why? So we wouldn’t perceive this blatant miscarriage of justice as a threat. If the hawk started attacking this fan then we’d all get suspicious. But since the hawk didn’t attack the fan everyone thinks this was an honest mistake. Well I’m not falling for it. The takeover has begun, and if you don’t think Pete Carroll had something to do with this you’re high.


– Ryan




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  1. Best GIF of all time.

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