WOOOO! WWE Smackdown is Officially Moving Back To Thursday Nights Starting January 15th

I’m going to be honest: I haven’t watched Smackdown in a long, long time. Ever since Raw moved to three hours and NXT became must see, it’s tough to assign three days out of the week to wrestling. Don’t get me wrong, if Smackdown were standing on it’s own as a great show I’d DVR it and watch it every weekend, but for a while now, it’s basically been a watered down version of Raw. With that said, maybe a move back to Thursdays could get Smackdown rolling again. With Raw staying at 3 hours, it’s probably impossible for a brand split since they need to fill so much content on Monday nights, but the biggest problem WWE has been having lately is utilizing it’s entire roster. If they want to keep Cena, Orton, The Authority and company as the main event that’s fine, but why not run with some other guys in the mid card? Have multiple tag teams feuds, and build on other feuds that don’t center around titles like Wyatt/Ambrose and Big Show/Mark Henry. It’s easy to be pessimistic as a wrestling fan, especially in the social media age with every wrestling website being insanely negative, but I hope the move to Thursday night invigorates Smackdown and forces WWE to utilize more of their roster. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

– Ryan

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  1. Maybe bring Superstars back to television as well so they could utilize some of the talent in mid-card storylines and matches. Make WWE Superstars what it was in the 90s. A platform for Upper and Mid-Card talent where they can get noticed and work with another mid-card wrestler in a storyline. WWE would have more star power if they just book the show as a place to giver lower card wrestlers a place to showcase not only their talent, but what they could do in a program with another wrestler. Maybe Superstars would be more than just a B plus wrestling show. it could be as big as NXT. Superstars would mean something to casual wrestling fans. It’s just an idea I have and I do not know how good it is. I just wanted to put that out there as a possibility.

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