Insane Instagram Comments: Niykee Heaton, The Champion


Its safe to say Niykee Heaton’s Instagram is one of the best Instagram’s in the history of the world. But with wonderful pictures of her half naked come with some disturbing comments. We’ve featured her on Insane Instagram Comments before, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s back here again. This time, we’re bringing fruit into the mix, and unfortunately it’s a fruit I really enjoy. Strawberries are delicious. I just want to get that fact out of the way. But now I will always associate strawberries with @adamsmith252 and his peculiar fetish of eating said strawberries out of Niykee Heaton’s bumhole. My favorite part (I don’t know if favorite is the right word) is that he ends it with a pretty nice compliment. Couldn’t he have just said “so fit” and ended the comment there? No he could not, because that’s not how the crazy Instagram comment game works.

– Ryan

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