AMC Released A New Greetings From The Set Video For Better Call Saul That Revealed Mike Ehrmantrout Is Coming Back To My TV

I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll like Better Call Saul. On the one hand you have a great writer and creator in Vince Gilligan matched up with a great cast. On the other hand, you’re dipping back into Breaking Bad, which was so great, and ended so perfectly. It’d be like Leonardo Da Vinci deciding he wanted to re paint the Mona Lisa only this time he painted what she would like look 5 years younger. This promo from AMC, which features an interview with Jonathan Banks aka Mike Ehrmantrout, definitely helps things. Mike was one of my favorite characters on Breaking Bad, and seeing him not dead near a river somewhere is going to be delightful. I’ll be giving Better Call Saul a try. Hopefully it’s worth it.

– Ryan

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