There’s Nothing Better Than a Good White Guy Nascar Fight

Jeff Gordon was angry yesterday, my friends. My favorite kind of fight is a Nascar fight, because you have two guys who are mad at each other, but are separated by hundreds of other people. You’d think Jeff Gordon was the world’s strongest man watching this video, when in actuality, he’s separated by so many people that he can act tough and yell and scream while not actually having to do anything. Best part of the video is when Gordon is trying to get to Keselowski, but it’s clear no one is letting him through, so one of Gordon’s guys comes up from behind Keselowski and gently pushes him in the back. Then all hell breaks loose. If I have to sit through hours of watching cars drive in a circle, the least the drivers can do is give us some post race entertainment/slight pushes in the back. They delivered here.

– Ryan

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  1. Hey Ryan, it wasn’t one of Gordon’s guys who pushed Brad. It was Kevin Harvick. The plot got juicier in my book.

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