The WWE Network (And Surivor Series) Are Now Free For the Month of November

First of all, Vinnie Mac looking as good as ever. Secondly, this is a major announcement by the WWE. WWE had their third quarter financial call today and the WWE Network numbers are clearly not where they want them to be, so they had to make some kind of change. Before we get into that, it boggles my mind that the Network subscriber numbers are low. I subscribed to the WWE Network the day it was available and it’s gotten better every day since. They release new content EVERY DAY, and literally have something for every type of fan. Do you like the behind the scenes stories? They have dozens of documentaries, including their DVD releases and WWE Network exclusive documentaries including WrestleMania Rewind, Monday Night Wars and Legend Roundtables. They have PPV’s from every major promotion from every era, so they have the biggest moments from the NWA, WWE, WCW, ECW, Georgia Championship Wrestling, WCCW and every other major promotion. If you’re a wrestling fan, you need the Network. They shouldn’t have to try and sell this thing, but they have to, because wrestling fans are honestly some of the oddest people in the universe. Anyway, back to the announcement. I haven’t watched a WWE PPV for free since I was a little kid and my dad had the black box that let you watch the pay per view channels for free. Not only do you get all their content for free for 30 days, but you get the Survivor Series pay per view as well. WWE also announced in an email to all subscribers that starting in December, a 6 month commitment is no longer necessary. They have to do whatever they can to entice more subscribers to try out the Network, and I hope it works. I’ve been a WWE fan for a long time, and the Network is an awesome tool to appreciate the past, present and future of wrestling. Good luck, Vince.

– Ryan

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  1. Dammit now I have to renew the damn network every month. Anyways I really like that the network is free for November so my friend can stop using illegal websites. That really pisses me off when he does that. It’s not like it’s that expensive.

    • Yeah I think thats what hurts the subscriber numbers is people that still stream it illegally. $10 a month isn’t asking too much. Hopefully the numbers keep growing!

      • I know right. especially with the Monday Night War and how good the show is. WWE Rivalries is awesome as well. I also like how I can view anything from the Attitude Era. as a matter of fact, any era.

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