Marcus Lattimore is Practicing For the 49ers And Is Ready To Eat Linebackers For Breakfast

This is wonderful. The 49ers have been a running back machine over the last few years, drafting them like they were going out of style. A lot of people questioned why the 49ers would keep so many running backs on the roster, but with LaMichael James leaving the team and Kendall Hunter out for the year, all those running back don’t seem like such a bad idea now. The 49ers drafted Lattimore a few years ago, and naturally they’ve been careful with him due to his knee injuries in college. While he is absolutely injury prone, one other thing is clear: he is a monster running back. He broke the Gamecock record for touchdowns while only playing 29 games (38 touchdowns while averaging 5.5 yards per carry). Yes those are college numbers, but he played in the SEC, which is the closest thing to the NFL that college football has going. He also joins a team that doesn’t need him to be the first or even second option in the backfield. While Frank Gore has struggled, he is still the clear number one back, and Carlos Hyde is the clear number two. I know the 9ers and Harbaugh will take it slowly with Lattimore, but it’s nice to know you have such a gifted runner waiting in the wings. If he stays healthy, the sky’s the limit, and when he finally debuts, Gamecock nation will be wearing their number 21 jerseys proudly.

– Ryan

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