You Don’t Want To Kick a Man While He’s Down, But If You Sing The National Anthem, You Should Know The Words

Was Chad Kroeger busy? What else explains having Aaron Lewis sing the National Anthem at the World Series? I understand no one is watching but what has to go wrong for you to decide that the lead singer of Staind is the right guy to sing the National Anthem? Also, you know what’s an important part of singing the National Anthem at a major sporting event? Knowing the words. I get it’s kind of a sneaky underrated part of the whole performance, but when your voice is really raspy and you’re an aging musician the least you can do is get the words right. This performance leads me into another point: I’m sick of musicians half assing the anthem. How about the powers that be give us normies a crack at it? 38 viewers can’t be wrong:

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