Don’t 3D Print a Gun. That’s a Bad Idea

In May, a 28-year-old Japanese man, Yoshitomo Imura, was arrested for 3D printing two guns and publishing videos of the process online.  The verdict on Imura has now been decided by the Yokohama District Court, with presiding judge Koji Inaba sentencing Imura to two years in jail.  This is not only the first such punishment in Japan, a country with strict gun control laws, but the first in the world.

3D printers can be great, but they can also be terrible at the same time. Lets hope that the 3D printer craze does’t turn into “Gun Fiesta 2015”. I would really like to own a 3D printer one day and all these people are ruining it! How else am I suppose to 3D print medieval armor for halloween?!




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