Twitter News Weekly – Ebola & Fantasy Football

This weeks Twitter News Weekly is our first ever print edition. If you miss our handsome faces, don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with an all new TNW video. In the meantime, don’t look Fantasy Football get you down, and try not to catch Ebola.

Fantasy Football

Fntasy Football is in full swing and at about this time of year you either want to yell from the roof tops or jump off those same rooftops. Let’s see how twitter is doing with fantasy football.


I once knew a guy that dropped Brandon Marshall to waivers in the middle of his breakout season with the Broncos. I feel your pain.


Look to the future, no need to dwell on your shitty ass fantasy team. BTW i’m using “wasteland” more often, thanks for that.


I feel your pain. It’s like watching an episode of America’s Most Wanted every time I turn on a game. Keep your chin up.



If there’s one place I would go to to find out the latest on the Ebola epidemic, it’s Twitter. Let’s see what the future of America had to say:


If you had 100/1 odds that Ebola would eventually turn into a race discussion, you’re a winner! How about we band together and help to find a cure instead of pointing fingers so quickly?


Solid advice right here. Go anywhere else you want. But not the airport. Airport = Ebola. Are we having fun yet?


Not sure what to say about this one, although it makes sense that zombies would eventually enter the discussion. You can’t fixate on The Walking Dead and Call of Duty and not eventually being to think zombies are everywhere.


I’m not sure where you’re getting your news from, but I think this is false. Its actually shocking how many people now think Ebola is turning people into zombies. Actually, it’s not shocking at all.

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