The Rock Returned to Monday Night Raw Last Night To Defend America

There are two reactions to The Rock coming back last night. 1. Awesome. 2. Why did a part timer (or less than part timer) come back and beat up Rusev, the unbeatable heel who was literally killing all our country’s heroes?. My thoughts on The Rock’s return lie somewhere in the middle. Yes it was awesome having him back, as I’m pretty sure he could come back at 80 years old, have his 10 minute entrance where the crowd goes crazy, and still crack a few jokes. On the other hand, what was the point of this? Rusev can beat every actual wrestler he faces, including The World’s Strongest Man and a 7 foot giant, but he can’t get a punch in on an ex wrestler turned movie star? The biggest mistake WWE makes is bringing in celebrities from other mediums and having them look superior to their wrestlers. Remember when Florida Georgia Line beat up Mizdow? Or when Flo Rida beat up Heath Slater? I understand you want the celebrities to interact with the wrestlers, but having someone come in for a one week appearance appear tougher and stronger than a guy who is here every week trying to get over with the crowd as a wrestler is dumb. That wasn’t necessarily the case here, because The Rock is a former champ, but this served no purpose. It makes Rusev look weak, and it makes The Rock look strong. The only problem with that is The Rock is going back to Hollywood, and Rusev has to show up next week on Raw and try to prove why he’s a monster heel again. If you ever wonder why the WWE can’t build stars like they used to, now you have your answer: they’re too busy stroking the ego’s of stars from the past.

– Ryan

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