South Park Took On Gluten & Ebola With Flying Dicks

Trey Parker and Matt Stone must have sat around their luxurious mansions with huge smiles on their face during South Park’s latest hiatus, because between the end of season 17 and the beginning of season 18 last week, their has been no shortage of crazy news stories. Parker and Stone could probably do a whole season dedicated to the shit show that is now the NFL, but that’s not their style. Last night they decided to poke fun at both the gluten craze and the Ebola epidemic in typical South Park fashion: with flying dicks.

The beginning of the episode included one of my favorite South Park tropes: story continuity. In the season premiere, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman alienated everyone they knew during the rise and fall of their Washington Redskins kick starter campaign. When they tried to come back to school after their kick starter failed, their former friends abandoned them. I understand we don’t watch South Park to pick apart the storylines like it’s an epic, but the little things they put into each show are worth commending.

The rest of the episode focused on the fearsome foursome trying to win their friends back with a huge party for lifelong diabetic Scott Malkinson. Their plans for pizza and cake and Lourde were foiled however, when South Park (and the rest of America) found out that consuming gluten makes your dick fly off. As a former bartender and waiter, the gluten free craze is one of the most annoying things in the world. Yes, some people suffer from gluten allergies; but please, for the love of Bill Paxton, stop talking about it. Nobody cares. South Park was able to merge the gluten free craze with the Ebola craze, quarantining any gluten consumers in the nearest Papa Johns. My only regret from this episode was that a drunken Papa John didn’t save the day while riding a pizza helicopter. A man can still dream.

– Ryan

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